The perfect protection, for the digital era!

Key features

Blue light protection - say goodbye to eye strain and headaches
Cutting-edge coatings - experience the world with high-quality glasses
All-day wear - our glasses will keep protected both indoors and out
Hand-crafted frames - turn heads with timeless and modern styles

Meet our clear and effective computer lens. Our glasses are made to be virtually clear while delivering unparalleled protection and eye comfort. They are precisely engineered to absorb harmful blue light and reduce eye strain from computer screens.

Why to choose our computer glasses:

Best performance

Our glasses have balanced clarity and effectiveness. Our lenses filter blue light and the strongest wavelengths without distorting the image. Our glasses give a clear, surgical protection allowing to focus on work instead of migraines.

Glare, smudge, scratch - free

Our glasses combine multiple layers of protection. The outer layer of the lenses reduces smudges and repels water and dust, which means no more constant cleaning and wiping. The premium anti-reflective coating eliminates computer glare and reduces tension on eyes.

Handcrafted frames

Designed for everyone, our frames incorporate modern take on a circular classic that has back for every occasion. They are very light and flexible. will not even notice them while perform daily tasks.

Blue light can damage eyes and vision ability, and computer glasses are one way of screening out that blue light and saving eyes the strain.

Protective computer glasses

  • Package details :
  • Eliminate eye strain and headache
  • Multiple layers of protection
  • Improve visual clarity
  • Handcrafted frames
  • Absorb blue light
  • Price: € 13.99


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